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Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's been a little while, like eight months, since I've posted. I have been really busy and I also just didn't feel like posting but anywho. It's summer, I got out of school fourth quarter with straight A's, yay me! Mr. Roy retired and we are getting a new band teacher mr. Sessink this year. I am now an eight grade WEB leader or at least once the school year starts. We have training on the 26th and the 27th. WEB stands for Where Everbody Belongs. We basically get three or four assigned kids and help them get settled into middle school. Ummm.... I went to the great wolf lodge, Tillamook and Yurt camping on a mini-week and a half-vacation. I dropped my phone in the toilet and the speakers now do not work, I'm a genius aren't i? I'm blogging from it though so that's good. We are planning to hike Mt. Pilchuck this summer and take dad's boat out sometime too. I'm trying to do Personal Progress. ( church related "challenges" to complete before your 18 ) well there is a little recap for now. I will try to post more often.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve! I am so excited! I have just been trying to pass the time today, the only kid besides me at our house today is Abby so it's been kind of boring. Right now I am watching Rudolph  the red nose reindeer and trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit. I know tonight is going to be the same reapeat of every other Christmas Eve. I think " I will be able to sleep!" Then at about 3 in the morning I give up on that dream... I can't wait till it's time to go to sleep! Have a merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 16, 2013

A weekend with my grandparents

I don't always get to spend time with my grandparents, so when I do it is always super fun! This weekend I spent the night at there house and had a very nice time. On Friday I went to Michaels with grandma and then saw frozen, which is now my favorite disney movie. After that we went to Olive Garden and I had chicken Alfredo and for dessert had raspberry cheesecake. It was delicious! We then walked around pier 1 imports and after that, went home. The next day we had bacon waffles for breakfast! They were the most delicious thing I ever tasted! I made some Christmas ornaments out of can lids then made some beeswax ornaments with grandpa. When I came back I made some peppermint jello pudding type dessert. All in all, it was a very fun weekend with my grandparents and I'm glad they love me so much! (If your reading this, thanks for the great weekend!)

Friday, November 29, 2013


I know it is a little past thanksgiving but I still want to say some things I am thankful for: 
1. My family and friends, they are always there for me and ready to help me. 
2. My dogs Luna and Chase, who will play with me and bark at me and be annoying.
3. Rain, the stuff that falls from the sky and alerts you that you are now entering Washington.
4. My bus driver, who always says, "Have a nice day!" As I am leaving the bus.
5. A sense of humor, the thing that makes me interesting and not completely boring.
6. My pillow pet, a dolphin that I take everywhere with me. 
7. Water and food, the stuff that keeps me alive.
8. My iPod, the small electronic device that is almost always at my side.
9. Holidays, the days that we celebrate that give us time off of school.
10. My house, the large structure that shelters me from wild animals that live in our forest. 
Those were 10 things I'm thankful for, you can applaud now.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Disneyland trip

Guess what? Mr.Roy (my band teacher) is planning a trip with the band to Disneyland!!!! I feel like this is meant for me because everyone in my family who will remember the trip has gone except me. Mr.Roy said that I can play good enough to go on the trip.But I just don't have the money and my parents can't pay $1000. Sadly that is the price I'd have to pay but,  Mr.Roy is going to go to businesses and ask them if they would like to support a student. I am going to be raising money but at the most I will raise probably $300. I hope someone will support me. We will be performing in the actual Disneyland park and entering a contest and going to universal studios and stuff. I am so excited!!! (Hopefully I won't get my hopes up to much; too late) :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am at school

Right now i am at school and doing nothing in particular. i just finished a test and now i have nothing to do. thats all.

Monday, November 4, 2013

1rst Temple Trip!

Today was AWESOME! Because I went to the temple! I went with Hannah's dads ward in Arlington and did baptisms for the dead and confirmations. I was surprised at some of the dates of which the people were alive on the baptisms I did. One was in 1691 and another was in 1732. I feel bad about how long they've waited to be members of the church... The temple was a lot different then I thought it would be, I can't even explain how. But it was beautiful! I am very glad I got to have this experience!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Soccer tryouts

I am so disappointed! After trying out for a week 7 other girls and I got kicked off the team! Seeing some of the girls who made it in I am very surprised that I didn't make It. I really miss staying after school and doing cross country, the season didn't last long enough... Well, on a happier note, I got a calling! Are ward is doing a family history program called the turning of our hearts. It is mostly for the youth and I got chosen to be a family history specialist. I am going to be trained to do family history and then I will teach the other youth. There are 11 other youth who are going to help me. I am excited! Well that's all!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cross country (again)

Guess what? I beat my old cross country score by 14 seconds per mile!!!!! The race was 1.74 miles so I beat my old altogether time by like 20 seconds! I can now run a race in 8 min 37 sec! Yay! I am super proud of myself! Finals are on Wednesday and it is the same course as the last race, I am nervous but excited. The season ends this Thursday so I am kind of sad... But soccer is coming up! I am soooo excited for soccer it is my all time favorite sport! I have a lot to be excited about! Wish me luck on the meet!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Do you want to know something awesome? Out of all of the seventh graders I got the highest MSP score! (For all of you who don't know what the MSP is, it is a test that elementary and middle schoolers take. The highest score is 475) I got a 475 score!!! The 2nd place person got a 450 score, so he was not even really close to my score! I am so proud of myself! I worked so hard on the test and it definetly payed off! On kind of a random note tommorow I am marching in the railroad days parade with my band, I am really excited because now I am in advanced band so we can play even cooler music! On another random note, for after school activities I am doing jazz band, orchestra, and (of course) cross country. I am hoping that I can do soccer but I am not sure... We'll that is basically all that has been going on lately!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Drain hole hockey

I just had to post this! I was at my grandmas house when Conner all of a sudden said "who wants to play hockey?" I was slightly confused at first, but then we got the croquet mallets. So I said "Oh! Do you want me to set the posts up?" But grandma said "No, he just likes to hit it in that hole over there" so we walk to the top of the garage stairs and Vwalla, Drain hole hockey!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Track Meets

I am really loving cross country! On Wednesday I had my first meet, it was on Whibey island and my parents couldn't come so I was a little nervous at first. But everyone was really nice so I was okay. The race was 1.53 miles and I ran it in about 14 minutes, I was running a 9:09 minute pace. Which means that every mile I ran it would be 9:09, I am super proud of myself because running on the track I could run a mile in about 11:10. But now after practicing and running in high heat and up and down hill, I have tooken off about 2 minutes! I have definetly improved. This upcoming Monday and Thursday I have more meets, my legs are soooo sore. But I am still excited, I am definetly doing cross country next year! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cross country

Hey everybody! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about cross country, first of all, it's brutal. We run at least a mile and a half every day not including our warm ups and half a mile warm up run. And then once we get back we do planks and twenty push-ups. I can do ten in row. I may have already mentioned this but my first and sixth period teacher are my coaches. Mr.Mecko and Mr.Thompson.  Well that's all I can think about right now so bye! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to school

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while, but better late than never right? So anyway. I am now officially a seventh grader! It is really nice to not be treated like a little kid anymore, on Facebook I posted my schedule so if you want to see that just go to my page. I love all of my teachers they are all really nice and treat us kind of like equals, they are also all very funny and most don't like to give out home work, yay! Also when you are in seventh grade you get your own locker instead of having to share one. I am doing cross country, and what's cool about that is that my first and sixth period teachers are my coaches. And also they are both my favorite teachers, even though all my teachers are nice. So school is going great for me! I will hopefully keep remembering to post stuff at least once a week, that is now my new goal! I'll write again soon! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I want to give everyone an update about what is going on in my life. (I think I haven't written for like...2 months or something) Well, on Saturday at precisely 6AM I am getting on a bus and leaving for Leavenworth with my band for a marching parade thingy... At 11AM we march in the Apple Blossom youth parade while playing 'wipeout' a song from like the mid seventies. After that we get to play around in Leavenworth (in groups) until 4PM. Super duper excited! I have almost $30 saved up to spend there. Also, today we started the MSP. (yippee.) I am not testing yet but other classes are so I am super duper happy! (yay.) :( Have nice-almost-weekends everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, yesterday I learned a very important lesson, 1/2 a cup of baking soda and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda are two VERY different things. Shannara (my best friend) and I were making some chocolate chip oatmeal  cookies,(we were making a video of my whole family making them together, if you go on YouTube in a couple days and go to veatchfam you will see it) and Shannara was putting in the dry ingredients, I had already filled up a 1/2 cup with baking soda, she put it all in and mixed it up. We finished making the cookies, put them in the oven and then taste tested them. When you first ate one it tasted very good and then you slowly tasted a salty flavor....BLECK! Well anyway, that was our very unsuccessful attempt at making cookies.

I am now changing the topic to school, since on Thursday it was valentines day and on Monday it is presidents day we get a 4 and 1/2 day weekend! (we got Friday off) So i am enjoying my weekend, the weather is sunny and not to cold. It is beautiful. So anyway I hope that you had a wonderful valentines day, and I hope that you enjoy presidents day. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My throat hurts....

This weekend has been HORRIBLE! I have had very bad sore throat, so bad that it hurts to talk and when i talk you can't really understand me. Sneezing or coughing hurts so bad that i almost cry, and i have a temperature ranging from 99.2-106. On Tuesday I had a math test that I missed and I haven't been able to get to it yet. I got some cough drops at Rite Aid, hopefully they will help. I really hope that I will get better by Friday, so i can wish Cassy a happy birthday in person  but I doubt it.If any of you guys are sick I hope you get better!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well, I don't think that I have told you guys anything about my school, because now I am at the middle school.I'll start out with telling you all about my teachers:
Science, Mrs.Markwardt. She is my home room/1rst period teacher, she is really nice and very organized she always does exactly what she says she is going to do, and she never gives us any homework!
Math, Mr.Holland. He is a nice person but not my favorite teacher, mostly because he teaches math.(which is my least favorite subject)He is my 2nd period teacher.Almost every day he gives us homework, and it's hard homework.
Language and reading, Mrs.Janik.She is Italian so she says a lot of Italian stuff.She is my 3rd and 5th period teacher.She gives us a lot of candy and rarely gives us homework :) she also gives us tickets whenever we are being good and then we get to turn them in to get prizes on most Fridays.
Band, Mr.Roy. He is AWESOME! I had him last year for band so i know him pretty well.He is my 4rth period teacher. Yesterday Hannah and I went to band night which is basically were we go and eat junk food,(Doritos, granola bars, ice-cream bars,and Capri-suns)and watch a basketball game for free, and all we have to do is play an easy song!
P.E./Health, Mr.Aestes. He is really nice and funny, he is my 6th period teacher. He stores a big bag of dum-dums in his desk which is kind of funny since he is a Health teacher. His tests are very easy and he tells you all the answers, and he makes us watch some pretty cheesy videos.
Principal, Mr. Binkini. He is really nice and has awesome Assembly's.He brought in a mind reader once! And for the fundraiser if you sold 8 things you got to go to absolute air park. I didn't get to go though......
Well, school is VERY fun, I am glad i get to go there!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

Well, recently (monday) since it was martin luther king day we got a day off so we went and watched dad indoor sky dive! (it was AWESOME) But dad had to take a class for an hour so while he was taking the class we went to the mall. My two younger sisters (little kids were at grandmas) went to the disney store and saw the opening, they all thought it was pretty awesome, (which it was)! then Hannah and I went to icing, I got non-prescription glasses, and clip on dangly earrings. Then we watched dad sky dive! After that we made are way to the great wolf lodge (without knowing) we were all suprised, Tina and dad thought it was hilarious that we didn't notice that we had passed olympia. We all got wands for magi quest, and made it to master magi, after climbing up and down around 30 flights of stairs. :D (I did defeat the dragon, woohoo!) Hannah and I went down the howling tornado like 10 times! This weekend was AWESOME!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2 years

i can't believe that it has been two years since mom died..... it seems like it only just happened. every year it feels like its all happening over again. Cancer sucks.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


today me and my family are going to go to 2 birthdays one for tinas sisters daughter kylee and another for my cousin britton. im not going to write what we are giving them because incase they are somehow reading this i don't wan't them to know what it is. if you are reading this though and you are not kylee or britton then please wish them a happy birthday if you know them, if you are kylee or britton then "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" :) thank you for reading this!