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Monday, November 25, 2013

Disneyland trip

Guess what? Mr.Roy (my band teacher) is planning a trip with the band to Disneyland!!!! I feel like this is meant for me because everyone in my family who will remember the trip has gone except me. Mr.Roy said that I can play good enough to go on the trip.But I just don't have the money and my parents can't pay $1000. Sadly that is the price I'd have to pay but,  Mr.Roy is going to go to businesses and ask them if they would like to support a student. I am going to be raising money but at the most I will raise probably $300. I hope someone will support me. We will be performing in the actual Disneyland park and entering a contest and going to universal studios and stuff. I am so excited!!! (Hopefully I won't get my hopes up to much; too late) :D

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