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Friday, November 29, 2013


I know it is a little past thanksgiving but I still want to say some things I am thankful for: 
1. My family and friends, they are always there for me and ready to help me. 
2. My dogs Luna and Chase, who will play with me and bark at me and be annoying.
3. Rain, the stuff that falls from the sky and alerts you that you are now entering Washington.
4. My bus driver, who always says, "Have a nice day!" As I am leaving the bus.
5. A sense of humor, the thing that makes me interesting and not completely boring.
6. My pillow pet, a dolphin that I take everywhere with me. 
7. Water and food, the stuff that keeps me alive.
8. My iPod, the small electronic device that is almost always at my side.
9. Holidays, the days that we celebrate that give us time off of school.
10. My house, the large structure that shelters me from wild animals that live in our forest. 
Those were 10 things I'm thankful for, you can applaud now.

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