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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

Well, recently (monday) since it was martin luther king day we got a day off so we went and watched dad indoor sky dive! (it was AWESOME) But dad had to take a class for an hour so while he was taking the class we went to the mall. My two younger sisters (little kids were at grandmas) went to the disney store and saw the opening, they all thought it was pretty awesome, (which it was)! then Hannah and I went to icing, I got non-prescription glasses, and clip on dangly earrings. Then we watched dad sky dive! After that we made are way to the great wolf lodge (without knowing) we were all suprised, Tina and dad thought it was hilarious that we didn't notice that we had passed olympia. We all got wands for magi quest, and made it to master magi, after climbing up and down around 30 flights of stairs. :D (I did defeat the dragon, woohoo!) Hannah and I went down the howling tornado like 10 times! This weekend was AWESOME!!!!

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