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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Track Meets

I am really loving cross country! On Wednesday I had my first meet, it was on Whibey island and my parents couldn't come so I was a little nervous at first. But everyone was really nice so I was okay. The race was 1.53 miles and I ran it in about 14 minutes, I was running a 9:09 minute pace. Which means that every mile I ran it would be 9:09, I am super proud of myself because running on the track I could run a mile in about 11:10. But now after practicing and running in high heat and up and down hill, I have tooken off about 2 minutes! I have definetly improved. This upcoming Monday and Thursday I have more meets, my legs are soooo sore. But I am still excited, I am definetly doing cross country next year! 


  1. Thanks! And my new time is an 8:52 pace per mile.